A DJ Has Accused Sydney Sweeney Of Being Racist At An Award Show

Sydney Sweeney is at the focal point of bigotry charges once more, this time by a DJ who guaranteed she was "Karen" to a staff part at an awards show.

There's a touch of setting you want to be aware to comprehend the shitshow that is Sydney Sweeney's social media at this moment, so hold on for me while we recap it.

The Euphoria star ended up in steaming hot water recently after her family was spotted wearing some entirely sketchy clothing at her mum's western-themed birthday celebration,

comprehensive of red MAGA-themed "Make 60 Great Again" caps and a Blue Lives Matter shirt. Gross.

The IG post welcomed a ton of examination, explicitly around prejudice, which drove Sweeney to reprimand fans on Twitter for "making presumptions".

She blamed pundits for turning an "innocent celebration" into a policy centered issue.

The entire situation is unusual in light of the fact that while somebody's family being hazardous doesn't be guaranteed to mean *they* are dangerous,

it's additionally significant she didn't really reduce most, if not all, connection with Blue Lives Matter/Donald Trump supporters.

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