Lead singer of The Seekers,  Aussie singer Judith Durham Dies

Lead singer of The Seekers,  Aussie singer Judith Durham Dies

Judith Durham, lead singer of The Seekers and perhaps of Australia's most productive entertainer, has Died at the age of 79 after a long fight with sickness.

Durham, AO, died in a Melbourne medical clinic on Friday night, Universal Music affirmed in a proclamation.

Durham's biographer and The Seekers supervisory crew part Graham Simpson said: "This is a miserable day for Judith's family, her kindred Seekers, the staff of Musicoast, the music business and fans around the world, and we all who have been essential for Judith's life for such a long time."

The assertion said Durham was owned up to palliative consideration on Friday, August 5, where she died calmly at night after confusions from a well established constant lung illness.

Beverley Sheehan, Durham's sister, said they shared a closeness over the course of life, including through their adoration for music.

"Judith's euphoria forever, her steady confidence, imagination and liberality of soul were dependably a motivation to me," Sheehan said.

Durham's nephew Tony Sheehan - representing his brother Ben and sister Belinda - said, "We have been honored to impart our lives to her."

Athol Guy, for individual establishing individuals from The Seekers Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley, said their lives had been changed perpetually in the wake of losing Durham, a "loved deep rooted companion and sparkling star".

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