'Bachelorette' fans plan for a turbulent finale: Let's take a look at the show's success rate

"Bachelorette" star Rachel Recchia unloaded candidate Aven Jones on Tuesday night's episode,

The first of a two-part finale, and fans on Twitter were distraught.

Aven was considered by a lot of people to be a leader, at the end of the day missed out subsequent to sharing he wasn't prepared for a proposition -

The ordinary end on the show - and Rachel demanded she needed somebody who was.

Rachel is one of two Bachelorettes securing Season 19 of the ABC reality series.

The other, Gabby Windey, has just a single contender left competing to prevail upon her:

Erich Shwer, who comparably communicated uncertainty over his preparation for a proposition.

As fans get ready to tune in for Tuesday's finale,

It's conceivable that neither one of the leads will leave with a ring on her finger, a circumstance Gabby has called a "big fat dumpster fire."