Biden Fatboy Slim Parody Listing His Successes Viewed More Than 2M Times

A Fatboy Slim parody observing Joe Biden's accomplishments in the White House has turned into a web sensation, getting multiple million perspectives.

The video, posted on Twitter by a client called "Lump", spoofs the well known 2000 Fatboy Slim "Weapon Of Choice" music video.

In the first Christopher Walken is seen moving around a vacant inn to music from British artist Norman Quentin Cook, also called Fatboy Slim.

For the parody video Walken's head has been supplanted by Biden's, while text springs up during the video posting what its producer sees as the president's achievements in office.

These include: "Record Job Growth", "Framework", "Marked the American salvage plan", "Marked the Chips and Science Act" and "Affirmed the principal dark female to the Supreme Court".

It likewise addresses international concerns posting "Al Qaeda pioneer dead" and "Extended NATO", referring to the demise of Ayman Al-Zawahiri in a July U.S. drone strike and Sweden and Finland applying to join NATO following the Russian attack of Ukraine.

The video closes with an advance notice, inquiring "What's it going to be America?" prior to offering the decisions of "Trump" or "a majority rule government".

On Twitter alone it has gotten in excess of 23,000 preferences and 10,000 retweets.

Various noticeable legislators have as of late proposed Trump, who actually keeps up with the 2020 official political race was manipulated, is a danger to American majority rule government.