Boardwalk Empire star Michael Pitt hospitalized after an explosion in New York City

The actor Michael Pete He was taken into police authority last Friday

Taken to emergency clinic after an extremely open explosion in New York City, TMZ has learned.

Video got by TMZ shows Pete strapped to a stretcher

Encircled by EMS specialists hauling him down the walkway in Bushwick, Brooklyn, liable to a holding up rescue vehicle.

Pete is by all accounts in a surprise… first stares at the sky, then turns his head to the side as he lies discreetly on a cot.

Policing tell us… that somebody called 911 to report a male (Pete) was tossing things at individuals, perhaps from the top of a structure.

Police immediately answered the scene and Pete was captured,

However, he was not accused of a wrongdoing since he was viewed as a genuinely upset individual.

He was taken to a nearby medical clinic for therapy.