On July 15, BTS' part J-Hope delivered his most expected independent collection Jack In The Box. The title track

TS' J-Hope's collection Jack In The Box incorporates MORE, Arson, Intro, Pandora's Box, MORE, STOP, Equal, Music Box: Reflection, What If, Safety Zone.

Arson, won hearts and broke many records. The K-pop vocalist rapper had before let More out of his independent collection.

The artist has been praising the delivery and outcome of the collection

He has been sharing the recordings and photographs via virtual entertainment.

VJ-Hope is the main part to report solo, Singer second independent passage is presently on Billboard Hot 100.

As of late, Billboard shared this news on Twitter and expressed

"J-Hope's "More" debuts at No. 82 on the current week's #Hot100

It's his subsequent profession solo passage on the graph, later "Chicken Noodle Soup" in 2019

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