Crowd Throws Chicken Nugget On Singer Harry Styles

Crowd Throws Chicken Nugget On Singer Harry Styles

Singer Harry Styles got a chicken nugget tossed at him while he was performing in front of an audience. What he did next was too amusing to even think about missing!

On August 30, the ex-One Direction singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Somebody from the group tossed a chicken nugget at him much shockingly.

How he responded to the food assault was very entertaining! Investigate the video of the episode that surfaced on Twitter:

The video was shared on Twitter by client @kiwik94, where it became a web sensation and gotten over 163k perspectives and many remarks and likes.

In the clasp, we could see Harry Styles grasping the chicken nugget and asking his fans who tossed it.

He stopped his exhibition for some time and attempted to make quick work of this.

The entertaining episode got fans in parts and no one knew how the yummy bite came showed up in front of an audience.

Then, fans requested that he eat it to which he answered that he couldn't on the grounds that he was a vegan. "I don't eat chicken.

Sorry. I don't eat meat," said Harry Styles in the video. Then, at that point, he tossed the chicken nuggets back into the group and said, "Don't eat it.

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