‘Dancing With The Stars’: Who Survived And Who Went Home After Premiere Night On Disney+

Dancing with the Stars started its 31st season Monday in the most unconventional way:

by requesting that watchers click a watch button on Disney+ at precisely 5 p.m./8 p.m. "Tune" in any prior.

You'll get an update — NO, its at 8 p.m. ET, buddy! Return when now is the ideal time.

This is the new reality for dance fans acquainted with watching their number one rivalry show that used to be on ABC.

Otherwise, the live, two-hour episode of DWTS started very much like it used to (before the pandemic, that is)

With a major opening number, an excited (however nonchalantly dressed) studio crowd and a great entry by host Tyra Banks.

A couple of updates were as yet made to the maturing establishment: DWTS veteran Conrad Green is back

As the chief maker and Season 19 Boss Alfonso Ribiero is presently offering some truly necessary assistance

With the hosting obligations by throwing softball inquiries overhead Box.