‘Designer vagina’ surgery doubles in 2022 thanks to tight leggings

‘Designer vagina’ surgery doubles in 2022 thanks to tight leggings

Ladies are running to buy a "designer vagina" after super close tights have become awkward or humiliating thanks to the feared "camel toe."

Called a labiaplasty, the system shrivels the labia minora — also called the folds within the vagina — with a sticker price of more than $4,000.

Dr. John Skevofilax, a chief surgeon at Signature Clinics in the UK, let Daily Mail know that last year, he just performed 50 labiaplasties — yet in 2022 alone, that number's now been beaten as of August.

Refering to agony and uneasiness as the justification behind the medical procedure, Dr. Skevofilax made sense of how tight stockings and athleisure dress can cause torment underhanded.

"Practice clothing is somewhat more tight and it's formfitting so it comes down on the area," he made sense of. "They experience torment, distress as a general rule, teasing … a great deal of ladies will feel so awkward that they abstain from attempting to wear this kind of dress."

Yoga pants, specifically, have for some time been the guilty party for groin appearance languishing. In 2015, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Swift let The Post know that the "universal" sports clothing plays a "major part" in the increase in labiaplasties.

"For those whose labia are augmented, they can cause them to feel awkward and uncovered," Swift added.

Yet, the issue is something beyond managing "camel toe." Some ladies basically decline to trade excellence for torment and need to wear stylish leggings regardless of the anguish.

"It's all truly interlinked, picking a couple of tights which makes uneasiness and which thusly draws attention the labia and the requirement for medical procedure," he added.

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