Doja Cat Shaves Off Her Eyebrows, Debuts Buzzed Head on IG Live

Doja Cat has a thinking for even a second to new look. The 26-year-old vocalist sprung up on Instagram Live on Thursday to flaunt her completely hummed head, continuing to take out a razor and shave off her eyebrows progressively during the livestream.

"I feel like I was never expected to have hair in any case," she shared with the camera. "I could do without having hair. I never loved having hair.

I can't perceive you one time starting from the start of my life that I've at any point been like, 'This is cool.' I simply could do without to have hair."

Doja likewise said that managing hairpieces could be all the more a problem to her rather than they were worth.

"I felt so f**king just depleted with working out," she noted. "Whenever I went to go train- - I had a mentor at a certain point - - and I'd be wearing hairpieces and they would get tasteless and retack due to the dampness,

and afterward they'd begin sliding and stripping off my head when I'd do this staggeringly exhausting thing."

Subsequent to freeing herself of her hair during the Live, Doja shared that she felt better and was "truly preferring this."

"I can't completely accept that it took me this long to be like, 'Shave your f**king head,'" she said.

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