Eddie Deezen has been found unfit to stand trial

The pledge said he viewed Deezen as a "risk to himself and those around him."

He also revealed that he was taken to the Maryland Department of Health for psychiatric treatment.

The court ordered Deezen to be under the supervision of the Department of Health until it decides he is no longer a threat.

In April, a 65-year-old man, A, was reportedly arrested by police as he attempted to be forcibly sent to a local nursing home. Locals saw the actor receive numerous requests from staff to leave the building. He was arrested on April 8 for ignoring a woman when asked to leave. Fortunately, there were no signs of violence or physical struggle.

Deezen was charged with fourth-degree larceny, two counts of criminal trespassing and one count of disturbing the peace. However, the lawsuit changed the statute of limitations for coercion and interference.

This isn't the first time Deezen has been questioned by the law, as iHeart.com reports for harassing an employee and was charged with harassment in 2021. Deezen is best known for his role as Eugene in the hit movie Grease.

Besides that, he voiced other popular characters such as Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory, Know It All from Polar Express, and Gibby Norton from What's New Scooby Doo.

A date for his next court appearance has not been set until Deezen makes the decision to do so.

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