Elon Musk refuses affair with Nicole Shanahan

Elon Musk refuses affair with Nicole Shanahan

Business tycoon Elon Musk freely denied engaging in extramarital relations with Nicole Shanahan, the spouse of Google's fellow benefactor, Sergey Brin. The Tesla CEO said Monday a report revealed by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday was essential for a "character death."

"I work insane hours, so there simply isn't a lot of time for tricks," Musk said in a tweet on Monday. "None of the key individuals engaged with these supposed bad behaviors were even consulted!"

The Wall Street Journal, refering to anonymous sources, revealed that Musk had a "brief" relationship with Shanahan in December of 2021 during a time period when Brin and his significant other were isolated yet living respectively

The undertaking purportedly prompted a burst and crack in the fellowship among Musk and Brin, both long-term companions, as per The Journal.

Elon Musk refuses affair with Nicole Shanahan,Sergey Brin’s wife

Brin petitioned for legal separation from Shanahan in January refering to beyond reconciliation contrasts, as per California court records got by The Journal

 Brin established Google in 1998 with Larry Page and ventured down as leader of Alphabet (GOOGL), Google's parent organization, in 2019

Musk, the richest individual on the planet as indicated by Forbes' rundown of tycoons, has wound up under a large number of titles this mid year

He's been associated with a fight in court with Twitter more than his $44 billion procurement bargain. Furthermore, in June, his little girl requested of a California court to perceive her new name and orientation, not having any desire to be related with Musk's last name "in any capacity whatsoever.

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