Elon Musk Reveals Theory About His Teenage Daughter Vivian's Estrangement

Half year after Elon Musk's daughter freely cut ties with him.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared what he trusts impacted their rough relationship.

Elon Musk accepts he realizes who is to be faulted for his daughter Vivian cutting ties with him.

As per Financial Times, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO — who has fathered 10 youngsters — affirms that the 18-year-old no longer needs to be related with him on account of the alleged takeover of elite schools and college by neo-Marxists.

"It's all out socialism and that's what an overall feeling assuming you're rich, you're malevolent," Elon told the U.K. paper in remarks posted Oct. 7.

"It [the relationship] may change, yet I have awesome associations with all the others [children].

He added, "Can only invest a lot of effort and hope for the best."

Elon imparted his theory to Monetary Times four months after a Los Angeles Region Better Court judge conceded Vivian's solicitation than lawfully change her orientation from male to female and her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, per reports got by quizmarket.in

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