‘Ferris Bueller’ star Edie McClurg’s says she’s a victim of abuse

‘Ferris Bueller’ star Edie McClurg’s says she’s a victim of abuse

Edie McClurg's conservator recorded reports on Tuesday requesting a brief controlling request against the man residing McClurg's home.

"Ferris Bueller" star Edie McClurg, 77, experiences dementia and her legitimate group is battling to get a man who has been residing with her out of her home.

In reports documented on Tuesday as a solicitation for an impermanent limiting request, McClurg's legal counselors said Michael Ramos professes to be McClurg's "long time companion" and had the option to "charm himself into (her) life while she was fighting dementia."

McClurg's group composed that Ramos is jobless and "had the option to finagle his direction into (Mcclurg's) home despite the fact that he has never paid any lease or costs."

The objection likewise guarantees Ramos attempted to take McClurg, who is under a conservatorship, out of the province of California "to wed her when he realized she needed limit."

A 2019 court request ordered Ramos not proceed with the pre-marriage ceremony, yet permitted him to continue living with McClurg, as per reports.

The protest says the two have "never been sincerely involved," and that an overseer for McClurg documented a criminal objection against Ramos that blamed him for attacking her in McClurg's home "over and over."

The objection proceeds to say that regardless of whether Ramos isn't manhandling McClurg, his presence is "causing extreme profound trouble and mental misery."

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