Finland's PM Sanna Marin denies taking drugs after video leaked of her celebrating

Finland's impressive Prime Minister Sanna Marin has denied utilizing drugs and said she doesn't have anything to conceal after a video arose of her celebrating fiercely with VIP companions.

The 36-year-old world pioneer was upbeat in the video, which seems to happen in a confidential loft, as the gathering cuts loose and moves for a cell phone camera.

Finnish MP Mikko Kärnä, from Marin's alliance accomplice Center Party, encouraged her to consume drugs test after individuals in the video were heard yelling about 'flour'.

Finnish outlet Iltalehti report that 'flour' is normal shoptalk for cocaine in Finland and that partygoers can be heard yelling in Finnish about 'the flour gang'.

Marin denied utilizing drugs and said in a question and answer session toward the beginning of today that she had 'nothing to cover or stow away.'

'I have moved, sung, celebrated, done lawful things,' the head of the state said. She added that she had not been drinking vigorously.

She likewise hit out the individual who released the recordings, which she expressed were from a long time back.

Sanna Marin imagined today addressing media questions as the insight about the video release spread. Picture taken before the beginning of the Social Democratic Party's parliamentary gathering summer meeting

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