Glancing Back At The 21 Years Of The Jeopardy!! CLUE CREW

Glancing Back At The 21 Years Of The Jeopardy!! CLUE CREW

For over twenty years, Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire ventured to the far corners of the planet shooting pieces of information for Jeopardy! as individuals from the Clue Crew.

Furthermore, presently, after 21 seasons investigating in excess of 300 urban communities, 46 nations, each of the 50 states and seven mainlands, the two are saving their baggage and visas and venturing into new jobs with the show.

As far as it matters for her, Sarah will keep functioning as a maker, a job she was elevated to during Season 38. Starting around 2008, Sarah has created a few fragments for the show and is presently eager to be wearing the maker cap full-time.

"I'm extremely respected to now be essential for, you know, the inventive strategy on the show," Sarah said. "I get to go out and record with astounding ability to bring you extraordinary video classes.

[You'll see] much more from VIPs, and furthermore outstanding individuals in the realm of Jeopardy! - - individuals that our local area needs to see - - conveying hints. I'm likewise going to be co-hosting our new digital recording and postgame show Inside Jeopardy! with chief maker Michael Davies."

Simultaneously, Jimmy has settled pleasantly into his new job as Jeopardy's! stage chief, administering a lot of what happens in the background during recordings.

On set, Jimmy gives direction to challengers about how the game is played and remains in as the host during practices.

" I'm supplanting a phase director who's been with Jeopardy! for a long time, John Lauderdale.

He prepared me [for this new role] even while he was still there the season before last," Jimmy said. "I get to associate with the challengers. I must reassure them. This is their pivotal turning point."

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