A Hacker steals data from 5.4m Twitter Accounts offering details for $30000

Twitter database on special supposedly incorporates "VIPs, organizations"

A Twitter weakness has prompted a hacker getting account information of 5.4 million clients, and the taken data, which is professed to incorporate email and telephone numbers, is available to be purchased for no less than $30,000.

Twitter hacker took information of 5 million of twitter users

Spotted by network safety outlet RestorePrivacy, the danger entertainer gained the dataset through a weakness on Twitter's Android client that permitted aggressors to find the email and telephone numbers related with the records

As HackerOne reports, Twitter recognized this bug as a "legitimate security issue" back in January, granting client zhirinovskiy with a $5,040 abundance for finding it, and has since been fixed

Be that as it may, the danger entertainer, known as "demon," is said to have utilized this endeavor to sell a large number of clients' information, which is said to "range from Celebrities, to Companies, randoms, OGs, and so on" RestorePrivacy contacted the dealer, who guaranteed the database will be sold for no less than $30,000.

Found on hacking gathering Breached Forums, the hacker posted an example of the information, which investigators downloaded for check

 "It incorporates individuals from around the world, with public profile data as well as the Twitter client's email or telephone number utilized with the record," the report states. The examples likewise match genuine Twitter profiles

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