'House of the Dragon' recap episode 7: Just you and eye

'House of the Dragon' recap episode 7: Just you and eye

Welcome to the nearest thing we will get to an exemplary container episode, wherein everything the activity is restricted to a solitary area.

For this situation: The island of Driftmark, seat of House Velaryon.

What's more, this container episode impeccably figures out the task.

It knows that it wasn't actually necessary to focus on the actual jug — it's about the Diet Coke you top it off with, and the Mentos you thud in prior to dashing the damnation away.

Consequently this episode brings each person from dissimilar storylines together for a memorial service where feelings are running high;

slams them against one another in manners that constantly bring about sex or potentially viciousness; then sends everybody back to their different corners, staggering from the experience.

Large things occur! Large changes! A dragon acquired, an eye lost! A marriage closes in fire, another starts in blood! Battlefronts get laid out — no however seriously,

this time we mean it, we're utilizing indelible marker! Furthermore, two characters, the two you least expect, get something that looks a ton like a blissful consummation together! Some way or another!

In rebellion of all laws of God and Man! Particularly when the Man being referred to is George R.R. Martin!