House of the Dragon Writer Sara Hess Never Seen Game of Thrones

House of the Dragon Writer Sara Hess has perused the books, yet never saw Game of Thrones.

IGN talked with the makers and entertainers of House of the Dragon before the European debut.

Co-writer and leader maker Sara Hess said she has never seen Game of Thrones, after we got some information about the tensions of a show that is set in the realm of Game of Thrones.

"This is where I let you know that I didn't watch Game of Thrones, and I haven't seen it," Hess says of the series that began every one of the undertakings in Westeros.

Hess doesn't consider this to be something negative: "I think it was really an or more. [...] But I assume I had the option to come at it kind of with a new perspective."

The co-writer of House of the Dragon has perused the books in a far off past and depends on the information on co-showrunner and co-maker Ryan Condal - who really loves George R.R. Martin.

"I realize Ryan felt like we were a decent group on the grounds that Ryan clearly is extremely saturated with that world and honestly loves George [R.R. Martin]. What's more, you know, I mean, I read the books quite a while in the past so you know, I knew about the world and everything, except I didn't be guaranteed to feel an entire bundle of unwaveringness to like the story since I haven't seen it.

So it was only more about like, 'How would we recount to this story that is on the page at the present time? Also, how would we make that into the best demonstrate the way that we could?'"

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