Jamie Campbell Bower talks as 'Stranger Things' villain Vecna on 'Fallon'

Jamie Campbell Bower showed up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss joining the cast of Netflix's Stranger Things for Season 4.

Bower talked about his part in the series as Vecna, the fundamental villain of Season 4.

His presentation has gotten basic praise, however Bower let Fallon Tuesday know that he "never at any point envisioned I'd be on a show like this, not to mention playing this thing."

"It's astounding, it's simply such a gift, the entire situation feels like such a tornado since I got it," Bower said.

The British entertainer is totally unrecognizable as Vecna, and let Fallon know that the actual transformation into the person was "around 90% genuine

"It requires around eight hours to put the entire thing on...we start at kind of 3 a.m. to be prepared for around 10, and afterward I need to act," Bower said.

Jamie Campbell Bower additionally changed his voice for the job, and let Fallon know that he didn't know going into the task which voice to utilize.

"It required a couple of months to get right," Bower said. "We did the read-through, and I was there at the table read with everyone, sat behind Millie [Bobbie Brown], and I was doing the voice, and it began in this, as, exceptionally sort of nasally sort of region, more like Freddy Krueger and it simply wasn't landing."

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