Jeopardy! fans upset after host Ken Jennings permits 'unbelievable' final reply

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings were chosen as co-hosts of 'Jeopardy!' following Alex Trebek's passing

"Jeopardy!" fans are not satisfied with the result of Monday night's episode.

The show's host, Ken Jennings, acknowledged a last reaction that was considered "unsatisfactory" by fans on the web.

Emmett Stanton, who won "Jeopardy!" on Friday, made a profit from Monday night.

During the last wagered, Jennings said the last piece of information, which read: "The legislative head of Massachusetts composed,

it 'is an unfortunate report, however a powerful demonstration… wrong in its defer till January, yet fabulous and radiant all things considered.'"

Stanton was contending with Suzanne Goss and Jason Freeman, who were all almost even toward the finish of the game.

The scores going into the last round showed Goss with $8,400, Freeman with $8,400 and Stanton with $8,000.

In the last round of "Jeopardy!" players handwrite their accommodation and pick the amount they need to wager. Stanton put all of his cash at risk and put down a $8,000 bet.

Apparently Stanton understood what he needed to wager, "Liberation Announcement,"

in any case, his note was obscured. He expressed "Liberation" prior to endeavoring to spell "Decree" two times.

His most memorable endeavor he crossed out.