Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions 2022 Fans Responds After Knowing 'Extra Players'

Jeopardy! fans are humming about the forthcoming 2022 Tournament of Champions, which starts off on October 31, and the fervor has just multiplied with the disclosure that extra players are in the blend.

The news comes after the Inside Jeopardy! web recording on August 15 uncovered the line-up and design changes during the current year's champions contest.

Following the declaration, previous Jeopardy! competitor Emily Fiasco, who dominated three matches and $87,000, took to Twitter to uncover she is a substitute for the Tournament of Champions.

"Since Jeopardy has made the Tournament of Champions declaration, I'm permitted to say that I will be the other during the current year's TOC," composed the center school band chief from St. Louis.

"Essentially, Sony will fly me out, I'll get to go through everything with different candidates in general, aside from I will possibly get to play on the off chance that another person is wiped out or can't make it out of the blue."

There will be 21 past players engaged with the champions tournament, including stand-apart challengers Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, and Mattea Roach, every one of whom will get byes to the semi-finals.

In any case, with Fiasco uncovering that she is a substitute, fans are currently hypothesizing about which other unannounced competitors could be on backup.

"Media outlets appears to in any case have exceptionally close principles around COVID nowadays so I'd be stunned in the event that they didn't have various substitutes allowed the opportunities of individuals testing positive paving the way to their taping date," thought of one fan on the Jeopardy! Reddit gathering. "Ideally we will not lose any of the large names to a positive test."

Others, in the mean time, pondered who the other potential substitutes may be. "The other substitute would probably be Yungsheng Wang, since he's the following most noteworthy procuring 3-game victor," said one individual.

Wang showed up towards the finish of Season 38, prevailing upon fans with his necktie and irresistible enthusiasm.

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