'Jeopardy' Tournament of Champions 2022 New Format Revealed

'Jeopardy' Tournament of Champions 2022 New Format Revealed

Jeopardy! will present some arrangement changes for its impending 2022 Tournament of Champions, including byes to the semi-finals for three of its most best competitors.

The new subtleties were uncovered during the third episode of the Inside Jeopardy! digital recording, where leader maker Michael Davies and maker Sarah Foss were joined by 2017 Tournament of Champions victor Buzzy Cohen, who hosted last year's Tournament of Champions rivalry.

During the episode, Davies and Foss revealed the line-up for the impending champions tournament and made sense of some of the new arranging, which incorporates byes to the semi-finals for Amy Schneider, who dominated 40 matches in January, Matt Amodio, who dominated 38 matches when Season 38 started in September 2021, and Mattea Roach, who dominated 23 matches in May.

These three players will continue automatically to the semi-last round, meaning they don't need to play in the quarter-last adjusts. Davies made sense of that this is to make the challenge more pleasant, as Schneider, Amodio, and Roach are "such a long ways on the ball" that they felt it would be uncalled for to put them in a lower section.

The 2022 Tournament of Champions will highlight six quarter-last games, with the victor of each game progressing to the semi-last round. The nine semi-finalists will then each play their three games to decide the three champs that will go head to head in the last round. Notwithstanding, the last match will likewise work somewhat better than it did the year before.

The current year's last match will embrace the standards of the 2019 Greatest of All Time tournament, and that means the three finalists will play until someone wins three matches.

This means the 2022 Tournament of Champions last could require as not many as three days or stretch for the full seven days, contingent upon how the opposition works out.

Notwithstanding Schneider, Amodio, and Roach, different competitors and their successes are Ryan Long (16), Jonathan Fisher (11), Brian Chang (7), Courtney Shah (7), Eric Ahasic (6), Zach Newkirk (6), Megan Wachspress (6), Andrew He (5)

Tyler Rhode (5), Jackie Kelly (4), John Focht (4), Margaret Shelton (4), Maureen O'Neil (4), and Christine Whelchel (4). The last two spots are held for the show's very first Second Chance Tournament Winners.

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