Joe & Melissa Gorga Not Attending Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Joe & Melissa Gorga Not Attending Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Another report says Joe and Melissa Gorga are censuring Teresa Giudice, and will not be going to her enormous end of the week wedding to Luis Ruelas.

Not all things are wonderful as Teresa Giudice, 50, gets ready to stroll down the path. Another report asserts that her sibling Joe Gorga, 42, and his significant other (and previous Teresa BFF Melissa Gorga), 43, will not be going to the pre-marriage ceremony.

A source told Page Six that while "they were welcomed," the wedded couple is declining the solicitation to the wedding of Joe's just kin. "There was an extremely tense Housewives finale recorded recently," the source presented via clarification, however no different subtleties were given.

Teresa's virtual entertainment pics of her joint lone ranger/single woman party with Luis did exclude pics of Joe and Melissa. Yet, inconvenience had been fermenting for some time.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates dropped out recently, with Melissa conceding she had "no responsibility" over the deficiency of her already quick fellowship with Teresa.

"I really feel like I have hit each road," Melissa told the Betches' Mention It All digital recording in May. "I have no culpability." She likewise said she felt "free" after they came to a comprehension during the RHONJ Season 12 gathering.

"It's OK to say that we don't have the best relationship and I don't feel remorseful saying that since I made a respectable attempt and realize that I made a solid attempt — for my parents in law and for Joe," she said. Teresa let Melissa know that they are "not close," and Melisaa then further dove in the blade.

 "We should quit faking like we have a relationship [then] on the grounds that you've demonstrated to everybody that we don't."

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