John Cena's Pro Wrestling Mt. Rushmore Will Just Be Controversial WWE Figure

John Cena's Pro Wrestling Mt. Rushmore Will Just Be Controversial WWE Figure

As of late, 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood star John Cena showed up at Comic Con Wales. The star of "The Suicide Squad" and "Peacemaker" partook in a Q&A meeting with a group.

 One of the additional fascinating inquiries came from an about participant who Cena would put on the Mount Rushmore of expert wrestling.

Cena at first seemed shocked by the inquiry and immediately answered, "That is an incredible inquiry." While you could sensibly anticipate that Cena should toss out names such as himself, Hulk Hogan, or The Rock, he really proceeded to give a considerably more intriguing reaction.

"I would change the landmark," Cena answered, to the undeniable astonishment of a large number. "I would make it a one-individual sculpture and the face would be Vince McMahon."

Cena's answer provoked a volley of applauds from crowd individuals, a considerable lot of whom showed up very content with the response. Quite, Cena's remarks come not excessively lengthy after McMahon ventured down as CEO and Chairman of WWE.

Having driven the association for a considerable length of time, the unbelievable business figure resigned from his top post in July subsequent to going under examination for sexual wrongdoing (by means of

However the two haven't forever been on the best conditions in the ring, Cena has consistently communicated an affection for McMahon while discussing him.

For instance, when Howard Stern asked Cena in 2006 how he had an outlook on WWE bringing in cash off his name each time he shows up in a film, Cena made sense of that he is everlastingly obliged to McMahon and the WWE for offering him his enormous reprieve.

Cena said, "I wouldn't fret kicking a level of my profit to the individual who offered me an opportunity and a chance." Last year, Cena portrayed his relationship with McMahon in considerably more significant subtlety to Bleacher Report.

"He's a dear companion, a tutor, a father figure. He implies an enormous sum to me," Cena said. "I couldn't say whether I'll at any point have the option to conceptualize the amount I love him and the amount he means to me."

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