Lebanese celebrates after Mayyas win 'America's Got Talent'

Lebanese celebrates after Mayyas win 'America's Got Talent'

BEIRUT: Lebanese praised the nearby dance troupe Mayyas on Thursday after it won the "America's Got Talent" TV challenge,

stirring up satisfaction and pride in a nation battered by long stretches of political and financial unrest.

Many fans, across age gatherings and strict lines in the emergency tried country and its enormous diaspora,

mournfully cheered the all-ladies bunch for what judges and watchers hailed as an entrancing and hypnotizing execution.

"Congrats Mayyas, proud, proud, proud," tweeted Lebanese pop star Elissa, while overseer Prime Minister Najib Mikati spouted that "Lebanese imagination sparkles" in the exhibition.

A Twitter client called Wael summarized the state of mind about the gathering that beat all the chances:

"They come from a nation desolated by emergency and, notwithstanding the challenges, they figured out how to be awesome.

Lebanese from one side of the planet to the other are proud of you."