Mel C reveals she was sexually assaulted a night before concert

Melanie C has uncovered she was sexually assaulted the night prior to the Spice Girls' absolute first concert in 1997.

Speaking on novelist Elizabeth Day's podcast, the star said the assault occurred during a hotel massage in Turkey.

"I felt disregarded. I felt entirely powerless. I felt embarrassed," she said.

"And afterward I felt unsure - do I have this right? I was in a climate where you take your clothes off with this professional person."

The singer, whose complete name is Melanie Chisholm, said she "covered" the incident "right away" because she needed to focus on the Spice Girls' concert debut.

"I would have rather not raised a ruckus yet in addition I lacked opportunity and willpower to manage it."

She added that neglecting to process the assault at the time had permitted it to become "covered for a really long time and years".

It was just when she started thinking of her diary, Who I Am, that the memories started to resurface.

"It came to me in a fantasy, or I sort of awakened and it was to me.