Melanie Lynskey Reveals She Was Body Shamed While Filming 'Coyote Ugly'

Melanie Lynskey is becoming genuine about the body disgracing she encountered right off the bat in her profession.

The New Zealand-conceived actress, 44, uncovered during a meeting with The Hollywood Reporter that she felt constrained to ugly get thinner while on set for Coyote. Lynskey depicted Gloria, the New Jersey-based BFF to Piper Perabo's Violet, in the 2000 hit film.

However she said Perabo got a ton of the in the background examination, Lynskey conceded every one of the ladies on set were condemned about their bodies.

"Every one of the young ladies had this routine they needed to go on. It was ludicrous," the actress said. "I was at that point starving myself and as flimsy as I might actually be for this body, and I was as yet a [size] four."

"There were at that point individuals placing a ton of Spanx on me in closet fittings and being exceptionally disheartened when they saw me, the ensemble creator being like, 'Nobody let me know there would be young ladies like you,' " Lynskey proceeded

"Truly extreme criticism about my genuineness, my body, individuals doing my cosmetics and being like, 'I'm about to help you out by giving you somewhat to a greater extent a facial structure and stuff.' Just the input was continually similar to, 'You're not lovely. No doubt about it.'"

She added: "In your mid 20s, such a great deal it is about excellence, and how individuals answer you, and would individuals like to f — you? 

Do individuals believe you're their closest companion? Indeed, even the closest companion thing, I began to be as, 'I would rather not do that too often.'"

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