Nursing home books stripper to entertain wheelchair veterans

A Taiwanese nursing home has apologized after video film arose of senior citizens being engaged by a sensual artist as they praised a public occasion.

The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run office for resigned army personnel, conceded the inadequately clad performer's activities were "excessively energetic and red hot"

after she was recorded in fancy red and dark undergarments giving a lap dance to an old occupant last week.

Senior citizens in a semi-circle of wheelchairs and staff are considered applauding to be the artist,

wearing high heels and a clinical facial covering, plays out a boorish dance and rubs her chest against one man's face.

While a portion of the consideration home inhabitants had all the earmarks of being partaking in the diversion,

the office later apologized after a video of the exhibition via web-based entertainment provoked analysis.

"The goal of the occasion was to engage occupants and fulfill them.

We are extremely upset for the offense that was caused," it said in an explanation.