Pandemic still affects report cards

The outcomes are in, and they recommend the pandemic is as yet influencing students' scholarly presentation.

On Thursday, state instruction authorities delivered their 2021-22 report cards,

with a large part of the information from state tests that students took this spring.

The reports' new element is a rating arrangement of 1-5 stars —

one being the least grade and five being the most ideal imprint — for a few classes in light of execution.

Information to be evaluated will be for accomplishment, progress, early education, hole shutting and graduation.

Districts and schools won't get generally speaking star appraisals this year, state authorities said.

During the pandemic, inside the beyond two years' report cards, the state instruction office truncated the reports, which didn't have by and large grades for any districts or structures.

Upon the arrival of the most current report cards, heads of two express instructors' associations gave point of view to the information introduced.