Priyanka Chopra Jonas attends UN General Assembly

Entertainer Priyanka Chopra went to The United Countries General Assembly (UNGA) on Monday as a representative of UNICEF.

In the launch of her discourse, the worldwide star said that the pioneers really should meet up to protect the "foundation of a simply world that we battled for".

She then, at that point, proceeded to add that despite the fact that "everything isn't well" with the world, there is an arrangement that can fix it - "UN Supportable Improvement Objectives".

While sharing a few inside pictures and a video of her discourse through her web-based entertainment handle, Chopra offered a few features of the gathering.

During the occasion, the Baywatch entertainer said something regarding a portion of the world's most major problems like the COVID-19 pandemic, environment emergency and neediness.

In the video cut she can heard say, "We meet today at a basic point at our reality,

at the point when worldwide fortitude is more significant as countries keep on battling from the overwhelming impacts of the COVID-19,

as the environment emergency influences lives, as clashes rage; as neediness, dislodging, hunger and imbalances

obliterate the actual foundation of a simply world that we battled for, for so long."