Rory, Joss & Jordan's Testimony at Trina's Trial Help to Cast Reasonable result

Today on General Hospital, Dante has unforgiving words for Cody, Britt trusts in Brad about her date, and TJ gives Willow disrupting news

Joss, Rory and Jordan’s Testimony at Trina’s Trial Helps to Cast Reasonable Doubt

In a test room at the emergency clinich, TJ tells Willow her experimental outcomes uncovered as a raised white platelet count.

Willow knows that is typical during pregnancy. TJ makes sense of he doesn't feel this is connected with her pregnancy.

Willow asks everything he's not saying to her. TJ accepts her issue pre-dates the pregnancy, and this isn't connected with the child.

He guarantees they will manage this. He realizes she has a meeting with Britt and to keep it.

Brad gets together with Britt before their trip later at The Haunted Star, however she says she actually has another patient. She additionally makes sense of something has come up and can't go

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