Texas artists honor the Uvalde victims with 21 paintings, hopes this will help healing

UVALDE, Texas — Artists from across the state have met up in this small southwest Texas town to respect the 19 understudies and two educators killed in late May at Robb Elementary School.

They've arranged goliath pictures of every casualty with the expectation of assisting the local area with recuperating.

It's a colossal undertaking whenever, yet most particularly during Texas in August.

It's morning time but already sweltering just off Uvalde's pecan tree-lined town square.

The artist who goes by the name Uloang, has been up the entire evening painting, to keep away from the rankling noontime sun.

"I'm full awake!" he said.

A couple of hours sooner, he'd put the last little details on a 20-by-20-foot representation of Maranda Mathis on a place of business. She's one of the fourth-graders killed at Robb Elementary School.

"As I was painting her face, and when I felt like I was getting her grin down, I could see her character coming through,"

Uloang said. "Furthermore, I only sort of felt like, 'Gracious, hey, Maranda! You are right there.' And I could scarcely maintain a level of control. Certainly shed a couple of tears."