Tommy Dorfman's New Fiancée is a Cis-Woman

Tommy Dorfman's New Fiancée is a Cis-Woman

In conversation with Rachel Bilson, Tommy Dorfman said her new fiancée is a cis-woman who she jovially portrayed as "just a gay girl"

The '13 Reasons Why' actress - who came out as transgender in July 2021 and separated from ex-husband Peter Zurkuhlen earlier this year - is staying bashful about certain details of her relationship, however she affirmed her fiancee is a cis woman who she portrayed as "just a gay girl".

Speaking to Rachel Bilson on the 'Broad Ideas' podcast, she revealed she started to explore her attraction to ladies following the split.

She said: "I realized I was keen on ladies such that I hadn't really known about since secondary school.

"I had this unsettled, unexplored thing. I was like, 'This is the year that I'm gonna continue a few dates with girls and understand that again, and not have an ashamed outlook on it.'"

The 30-year-old star portrayed her partner as "the individual I will use the remainder of my existence with", and admitted she's the primary woman she's been with "in quite a while", which is "very affirming".

She added: "It's safe. Also undependable and like being enamored is so scary. So uncomfortable, so painful."All the universal sensations of being enamored that are probably the same. "

Meanwhile, Tommy's fiancee has also assisted her with administering her estrogen shots since they got together, and actually did it for her "the initial time".

She explained: "My fiancée, she knew how, so she did it for me the initial time. Then, at that point, she was away and we FaceTimed and she walked me through it."

Tommy came out as trangsnder in a meeting with TIME magazine in July 2021, revealing she had "been privately recognizing and living as a woman - a trans woman" for a year before openly emerging.

She and her ex-husband - who were together for quite a long time at that point and later split after five years of marriage - both chose to "rethink" their relationship "as companions".

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