Waterspout structures over Lake Weir in Marion County

Waterspout structures over Lake Weir in Marion County

A viewer submitted video shows a waterspout shaping in Marion County Friday night.

MARION COUNTY, Fla : A lady shot the waterspout in the wake of getting back from work in Weirsdale. She told News 6 the video shows the view from Domino's on U.S. Interstate 27.

There are two kinds of waterspouts: tornadic and fair-climate waterspouts.

Tornadic waterspouts are tight vortices that have comparative qualities to a twister, delivering solid breezes

Tornadic waterspouts create from the cloud, descending to the ground. The most elevated hazard of seeing tornadic waterspouts is during a serious rainstorm close to untamed water.

Fair-climate waterspouts by and large structure during moderately quiet circumstances, under a creating cumulus cloud. Rather than shaping close to the mists, similar to a tornadic waterspout, the fair climate rendition creates on the outer layer of the water and works its direction vertical to the mists

Regardless of the rendition, waterspouts can be risky to boaters on the off chance that they get excessively close.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration said the most effective way to keep away from a waterspout is to move at a 90-degree point to its development.

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