What is the 'Lesbian Breakup Curse,' and reason some TikTok Users stressed over it?

TikTok users are kidding that the curse, additionally alluded to as the "breakup plague," is the reason such countless famous ladies adoring ladies creators as of late parted with their sweethearts.

It began with Sedona and Rylee, who reported their split in a TikTok video that currently has 8.5 million perspectives. Then Alissa and Sam discreetly declared they had isolated.

When Avery and Soph separated, TikTok clients started stressing that a legendary "lesbian breakup curse" would influence their connections, as well.

Lately, the alleged curse, additionally alluded to as the "breakup plague" and the "breakup end of the world," has consumed numerous TikTok clients' lives.

"Remixing my mentality to keep away from the lesbian breakup curse that is going near," one client subtitled their video.

"It truly is infectious right presently isn't it," one more client wrote in the remarks.

Some have kidded that the alleged curse is the reason such countless famous ladies cherishing ladies, or WLW, creators have parted with their sweethearts in the beyond couple of weeks.

Others caution that the curse is moving into "straight" TikTok, after a few heterosexual couples declared their breakups, as well.

"Wtf is in the air for what reason are the tiktok wlw couples separating?" one TikTok client posted.